LHS Covid-19 Archive Data Collection

While everyone is engaging in social distancing, please consider creating a coronavirus reflection for inclusion in the Lackawanna Historical Society Covid-19 Archive. In researching the 1918 influenza outbreak, we have found that there was not a lot of documentation on how local residents lived day to day, how people felt, how the community interacted, etc.

With this in mind, we want to collect the reflections of Lackawanna County's residents during this unprecedented time. Two surveys, one for students and one for adults, have been created to guide your thoughts for this project. Or, use the Your Story link to share your informal reflections from Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Please share; it doesn't have to be formal.

Life During Covid-19 Adult Survey

Life During Covid-19 Student Survey (K-12)

Please get permission from your parent or guardian.

Life During Covid-19 Your Story (Upload file to Google link)

Thanks to:

Dr. Bernard J. Strenecky Scholar-in-Residence Western Kentucky University.