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While we've been quarantined during the coronavirus outbreak, the Catlin House has been closed and the portraits have gotten a little rowdy. They miss your company, and want to tell their stories.

Therefore, since you cannot come to them, they have agreed to come to you. Listen in each week to meet some of the characters who are "hanging around" at the Catlin House and learn a bit about their lives. We hope you enjoy your introduction to our LHS benefactors and friends!

Click on a portrait for an exciting surprise!

This project has been supported in part by the Pennsylvania Humanities Council, the
Federal-State Partner of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

George H. Catlin

Narration by Tom Cipriano

James Archbald

Narration by Tom Cipriano

Sarah Archbald

Narration by Julie Esty


George W. Scranton

Narration by Tom Cipriano

William Henry

Narration by Richard Jenkins

Selden Scranton

Narration by Richard Jenkins


Joseph Hand Scranton

Narration by Tom Cipriano

W.W. Scranton

Narration by Tom Cipriano

Margery Scranton

Narration byJennifer Ochman


Gov. Bill Scranton

Narration by John Farkas

Mary Scranton

Narration by Jennifer Ochman

Marion Isaacs

Narration by Laurie Caddan


John Willard Raught

Narration by Bernie McGurl